OTEC develops workforce development strategies and initiatives for provincial, national, and international tourism, hospitality and service industries.

We accomplish this through the power of our networks and through a commitment to building their capacity with every project cycle.

Our philosophy is simple, give people the tools they need to excel on their own, celebrate their success, and think long term.

Working with our clients, community and corporate partners, and an exceptional portfolio of standards, resources, training programs and methodologies, we leverage our collective strengths. We work to establish impactful projects and partnerships that enhance community capacity and result in positive social and economic outcomes for individuals, communities and the industry as a whole.

Find out more about OTEC’s Workforce Development projects and partnerships in the latest Tourism Workforce Development Update – Issue 9.

As a leading training and development organization OTEC has the best practices, tools and training programs to meet your unique organizational needs. Learn more about our experience working with workforce and community development organizations through the webinar below.

For more information on OTEC’s workforce developments projects contact:

Adam Morrison
Vice President, Projects and Partnerships
416.622.1975 ext. 236