The Power of Workplace Training

Our popular Designated Trainer Program is dedicated solely to preparing trainers with a solid understanding of adult learning basics and tips for developing a learner-centric environment in order to effectively deliver Service Excellence training to their teams’. Recognizing the importance of having strong, effective and knowledgeable in-house trainers, participants in our Designated Trainer Program grew from mainly hospitality and tourism to a plethora of industries. In response to the growing interest of our clients to develop the skills of their in-house and on-the-job trainers, our team of specialists have developed a more holistic training program.  

OTEC is pleased to announce the launch of our new “Training and Facilitation Excellence Program”. This new program is designed specifically for clients looking to develop professional workplace training skills including program facilitation and on-the-job training. Not only do participants walk away with the knowledge and skills to create and lead a classroom of adult learners in educational programs ranging from corporate training to workplace skills training, but they hone their skills by presenting content from their own organization.

What is the benefit for businesses?

  • Enhanced workplace coaching
  • Improved employee performance
  • Greater consistency
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Not convinced the program is right for your organization? Contact OTEC’s team of experts today for a consultation or visit


Paula is OTEC’s Marketing, Communications and Technology Project Manager. Paula enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures, primarily through their food. 


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