What makes an effective leader?

Effective leadership is not black and white and it is not always the same. In order to determine if your leadership style is effective and what skills you may need to develop, begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a leader of a project, team, organization…? Knowing who/what you are attempting to lead will greatly shape your style and methods.
  2. Do you understand your project, team, organization…? Their objectives and perspectives will provide you with valuable insight to base any decisions around.
  3. Are your stakeholders involved and engaged? You’ve heard the expression Rome wasn’t built in a day? Effective leadership requires buy-in from everyone involved. So involve stakeholders in the decision making process and empower them to succeed.

Recommended programs and workshops to develop leadership skills vary by individual. To account for this OTEC has developed the innovative LX, Leadership Xelerator. Through LX we offer the Leadership Excellence Series with workshops designed to specifically address skill development for leaders ranging from beginners to experienced professionals.

For more information about OTEC’s new LX series please visit https://www.otec.org/Training-Solutions-Overview/Leadership-Excellence-Series.aspx


Paula is OTEC’s Marketing, Communications and Technology Project Manager. Paula enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures, primarily through their food. 


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