No time to coach employees?

Taking the time to build a culture of coaching across all employee groups, not just low performing employees, can have a tremendous impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and creativity, which in turn impacts overall business results:
·         22% increase in profits
·         32% increase in employee retention
·         34% decrease in customer complaints
·         39% increase in customer satisfaction*
*Manchester Group Study

Ways to Coach
There are two types of coaching methods, informal and formal coaching. 

Informal Coaching

Formal Coaching

·         less planned
·         less stressful
·         takes less time 
With informal coaching, leaders capitalize on opportunities to reward, encourage and improve employee skills during the course of normal, day-to-day business operations.  

Formal coaching is a planned and scheduled session that takes place away from the employee’s usual work setting (e.g. meeting room, office, offsite) and utilizes formal coaching tools and processes. 


To be an effective leader one must utilize both coaching methods for long term overall performance improvement. Regardless of the method used, coaching is most effective when the feedback is constructive, consistent and focussed on increasing awareness and performance improvement.
So, instead of waiting for the traditional annual performance review, or focusing on coaching only when there is a concern about poor performance, or performance is at its peak; remember the power of focusing on the middle – the B team.  This is the employee group where coaching can have the greatest impact on overall business results.  It will be worth your time and effort.

Learn more about becoming an effective coach.

Wendy is OTEC’s Vice President, Client Services. She leads training and consulting projects on behalf of OTEC, including needs assessments, service strategy, program development, and standards and recognition programs. Outside Wendy enjoys reading and traveling, and can usually be found spending time with her family at their cottage or a social event. 


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