Creating awareness for the prevention of harassment


OTEC & ORHMA launch awareness and training program to stop sexual violence and harassment in Ontario's hospitality industry.

Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) in cooperation with OTEC has announced an advanced training and awareness program to prevent sexual violence and harassment in the hospitality industry. This program will deliver expert knowledge through two online learning modules, five case studies on successful industry practices, one manager’s toolkit and an overall awareness building campaign.

 “We are pleased to be a part of such a revolutionary program,” says Victoria Behune, President & CEO, OTEC. “The training modules we are developing contain critical data and information that will help positively impact the hospitality industry.”
With the presence of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace, the Stop It!  prevention program will allow hospitality managers and frontline workers to gain the skills and insight needed to recognize and appropriately handle high risk situations of assault and harassment. The training is funded by the Government of Ontario as part It's Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment.
“We are committed to lead an action plan of initiatives aimed to stop sexual violence and harassment in Ontario’s hospitality industry,” says Tony Elenis, President & CEO for ORHMA.  “Harassment is present in every industry and the hospitality industry is not immune to it.  We will work with our partners, key stakeholders and industry employers to create awareness, and through training, provide the necessary tools to ensure a safer workplace, respectful for all.”

"Sexual violence and harassment can happen anywhere, but we know that Ontarians want to put a stop to it when they see it," says Tracy MacCharles, the Minister Responsible for Women's Issues. "The hospitality sector is showing great leadership by not shying away from this issue and providing its workers with the tools they need to intervene."

In Canada, less than 10% of sexual assaults are reported to the police. By providing a customized program and a targeted awareness campaign for the tourism and hospitality sectors, managers will learn how to support their frontline teams to cultivate a safe and social workplace, and support survivors of sexual violence and harassment.  

Owner operators and human resource managers will have the resources and tools needed to incorporate training into operational policies and procedures in businesses, restaurants, bars, hotels, motels and entertainment venues across Ontario. The hospitality industry has the opportunity to become a leader in ensuring patron and workplace safety.

For more information about the Stop It! program please contact:
Fatima Finnegan at ORHMA at 905.361.0268 or (
Adam Morrison at OTEC at 416.622.1975 or  (


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