February O-News: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace



Did you know that emotional intelligence was ranked 6th in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top skills that employees will need to thrive in the workplace?


Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to someone’s ability to perceive, understand and manage their own feelings and emotions. EI can be broken down into the following five components:
Internal (or intrinsic) motivation
Social Skills
Employees who demonstrate these personality traits have a higher chance of getting a promotion or becoming a leader in their workplace. Employers use EI as a way to measure employee work performance which can lead to stronger organizations.

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Almost 71% of hiring managers said they valued
an employee’s EQ over their IQ.

So, how can you learn more about emotional intelligence in the workplace? Through OTEC’s Service Smarts workshop! This half-day program about utilizing emotional intelligence in service situations, enables participants to leave the workshop with the tools and skills to create memorable service experiences. The training material covers unique topics such as viewing the service experience from a customer’s eyes, practicing the “Concierge Approach” and exploring different communication styles when interacting with customers.
Register for OTEC’s upcoming Service Smarts public session on March 26th, 2019 or contact Sherry Sibio at ssibio@otec.org to learn how OTEC can bring this progressive workshop to your organization.
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