Great Spirit Circle Trail Hosts 9th Annual Business And Tourism Conference

Employing skills training initiatives to address labour market trends

From April 2nd to 4th hospitality and tourism industry stakeholders; business owners and operators, employees, Economic Development Officers, First Nations groups and all levels of Government gathered at the 9th Annual Business Tourism Conference at the Manitoulin Hotel & Conference Centre on Manitoulin Island to discuss tourism and business initiatives throughout the region. 
With skilled labour shortages in the Tourism and Hospitality industry projected to reach 30,000 full-year jobs in 2015 and 88,000 full-year jobs in 2030 emphasis has been placed on providing training to a diverse potential labour pool. Recognizing that the Aboriginal population is growing at a faster rate, and that the unemployment rate in Northern Ontario is higher than average (around 12.8%), providing skills training has become increasingly more important to this region. 

Adam Morrison, OTEC’s Director of Project Development spoke to conference delegates about training models implemented across the province to address this issue. Case studies discussed included; Aboriginal Experience’s Aboriginal Cultural Ambassador (ACA) Program – a 16-week National Occupational Heritage Interpreter Certification, placing successful graduates across Canada; Seven Generations Educational Institute Hospitality for Camp Services Program – an 11-week program providing skills training and promoting the hiring and retention of workers in housekeeping, camp cooking/catering, and food and beverage serving; Great Spirit Circle Trail and Aboriginal Experiences’ 5-day National emerit Heritage Interpreter Certification for Professionals program; and the Metis Nation of Ontario’s Navigating Employment Pathways (NEP) Program – a 10-week National emerit certification program training participants in one of 15 occupations. 

In addition to analyzing market trends and solutions, the Great Spirit Circle Trail’s 9th Annual Business Tourism Conference included sessions on stimulating business development, promoting Aboriginal Businesses and 
creating partnerships for future developments. A key new initiative was announced the official launch of Aboriginal Tourism Ontario (ATO)!

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