ILAC Connects International Students with Higher Education in Canada

Supplying International Students with Essential Service Skills Training
In early April the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) invited students and agents from around the globe to Vancouver, British Columbia for one of Canada’s largest higher education fairs. With 35 of Canada’s Universities, Colleges and High Schools in attendance, international attendees were able to meet with representatives.
According to the AUCC, International Students will present the main source of growth within the education industry, however competition for attracting their enrolment will be fierce. Canada is ranked among the best in the world in education due to its variety and quality of programs and instructors, its affordability, and the country’s high standards of living. However, quality of life and education is not the only reason the international market is attracted to Canada. Students are looking for post-education opportunities in the job landscape.
Acknowledging this appeal and the fact that skilled labour shortages in the Tourism and Hospitality industry are projected to reach 30,000 full-year jobs in 2015 and 88,000 full-year jobs in 2030, ILAC developed and launched their ILAC School of Service Excellence in partnership with the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC).
The 48-week Service Excellence for Business imparts essential service skills and knowledge. During the initial 24 weeks, participants are trained in OTEC’s Customer Service Skills, emerit Canadian Workplace Essentials, Event Coordinator, Front Desk Agent, Retail Sales Associate, and Food & Beverage Server, and in Human Resources (HR) and Leadership Skills. The subsequent 24 weeks provides industry-specific career training through industry placements in fields such as tourism, hospitality, retail and event management.
During the fair, OTEC’s Director of Project Development, Adam Morrison, spoke to international students and agents about the significance of providing Service Excellence, in all industries, and its impact on customer loyalty and retention.
The first Customer Service Diploma program participants began their education in Winter 2014, and are extremely pleased with the content to date. The next cohort will begin the program Spring 2014!
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