July O-news: Intelligence for Youth Workplace Success


OTEC has always prided itself in the diversity of individuals we support. This diversity takes many forms and includes those students yet to enter the workforce, to those leaders managing and owning businesses. It also reflects the Indigenous from a wide range of Ontario communities to newcomers and refugees who now bring their talents and skills to our province. In our first of a series of how OTEC brings “Intelligence to the Workplace” we focus on the diversity of our youth- the next generation of workers.

Today’s youth come equipped with a variety of strengths that include creativity, adaptability, being technology savvy, team-oriented and globally aware. Increasingly, however, many Canadian youth are challenged by an “experience mismatch”, whereby, despite the education they have received, they lack the appropriate experience and skills to enter the labour market. In many cases they are also missing the soft skills required to be customer centric, good communicators and future leaders.

OTEC is addressing this diversity through a variety of new programs that meet the needs of youth with barriers to entering the workforce to those who are emerging leaders in organizations. These innovative new programs include ALiGN, which incorporates psychometric-based assessment tools and a leading job-matching technology platform and LX-Leadership Xelerator based on emotional intelligence.

OTEC provides youth with the intelligence and tools for workplace success!