June O-News: Time to Celebrate




Summer has begun and now it’s a time of celebration and reflection for OTEC and for Canadians alike. 
 For the past 25 years, OTEC has delivered many initiatives nationally that develop and strengthen the skills of employees and communities. We have established lasting relationships with a variety of partners including Indigenous, education, association, employment services and governments as well as long term clients.  With these important connections, we have been able to target the employment challenges within the country and work to create skilled employees for the future.

OTEC feels equally as proud to be a part of Canada’s celebrations this July. Canada has a rich heritage and diverse culture that makes it a destination of choice through its people and product experiences.   Many of OTEC’s partners have unique programs and experiences for this year’s celebrations that create workforce development and visitor opportunities. An example of one of these partners, the Métis Nation of Ontario launched their 2017 Canoe Expedition. During this captivating adventure, the Métis Nation of Ontario youth ambassadors have been employed  to paddle the historic fur trade route and educate communities in Canada about their heritage this summer.
We look forward to supporting further employment initiatives in Canada for the next 25 years and we cannot wait to share our excitement with you.  Join us this fall for our workshops and webinars, including our new Lunch and Learn Leadership webinar! To learn more about our sessions, please visit our website www.otec.org