March O-News: Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service


Employees with strong Emotional Intelligence effect higher productivity levels, improved customer experiences, and higher employee engagement.


Whether you are running a business, in a customer serving role, or working in teams, understanding your emotions and the emotions of others to facilitate collaboration, service andproductivity is essential. Did you know that along with personality, we all have a level of EQ (emotional quotient), also known as EI (emotional intelligence)? Just like we have IQ that lets us learn and be competent in cognitive skills, like using computers and technology, EQ lets us determine how well we are able to emotionally manage ourselves and other relationships.

This understanding of emotions, related to interacting with others, is the key to delivering effective service. To be successful in building strong client relationships, individuals need to develop the skills and knowledge to better understand their customers, to manage expectations and ultimately meet their needs.

Many organizations hire for a combination of experience, skills and emotional intelligence. OTEC’s new training workshop called, Service SMARTS, enables employees to experience the direct impact of their EQ to improve external and internal customer service relationships.

Learn how OTEC’s new Service Smarts workshop, as well as other industry news and events in this month's O-News: View here.