OTEC Awarded City of Toronto Online Training Project

OTEC has been selected by the City of Toronto to develop an online engagement and education program that will inspire and motivate frontline service providers to be more “Proactive in Welcoming Visitors”; better “Prepared to Assist”; more “Enthusiastic to Share Their Knowledge, Pride and Love for Their City” and “Knowledgeable about Major Events in the City.”
In 2011, working in conjunction with the City of Toronto and an industry advisory committee, OTEC developed and delivered the Welcome to Toronto “We’ve Been Expecting You” (WBEY) training and engagement program for service providers in the tourism, hospitality, retail, culture and transportation industries.  To date, over 2,000 participants and trainers from over 175 Toronto area businesses have participated in the WBEY training and engagement initiative, and the program was awarded the Economic Developers Council of Ontario Workforce Development Award in 2013.    
Building on the success of the original WBEY program, the City of Toronto has again selected OTEC to develop a fun, interactive and engaging online program that will include elements from the original initiative, as well as new modules on “Getting to Know Toronto” and information on major upcoming events. 
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