OTEC Launches Youth Training Program with Humber Community Employment Services and Niagara College


Canadian youth unemployment currently sits at almost double the national average. Both the Toronto and Niagara regions face higher youth unemployment rates than the provincial average, with rates of 18.1% and 18.5%, respectively. On top of high competition for jobs, youth face significant barriers to entry including lack of experience, lack of networks and of knowing where and how to look for opportunities.
Recognizing that the job market has become increasingly competitive for this age group, OTEC in partnership with Humber Community Employment Services and Niagara College, has launched a unique program to develop the skills of youth for careers in the Food Services and Culinary sectors.
This new 11-week standards-based skills training program, Prep. Set. Serve., combines in-class and workplace training to prepare and certify youth for careers in Food Services. The firs 9 weeks of the program cover essential workplace skills and expectations in the Food Services and Culinary Sectors and how to search for and acquire a job in the sectors. During this time participants receive training and certifications in emerit Workplace Essentials, OTEC’s Service Excellence, Food Safety, WHMIS and Smart Serve. In the last 2 weeks of the program participants test the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired through a full-time, on-the-job, Food Services work placement in the field of their choice.
On May 4th, 2015 the first group of Prep. Set. Serve. participants began training for a career in the Food Services Sector. Registration for this program is still open.
For more information about the Prep. Set. Serve. program, please refer to the program flyer or contact your regional provider:


  • For the Niagara region contact Brett Stevens, Niagara College Project Officer at 905.735.2211, x7481
  • For the Toronto region contact Jana Petrone, Humber College Community Employment Services Project Coordinator at 416-654-5566, x204


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