OTEC UPDATE - Team Announcement from Victoria Behune, President & CEO of OTEC


Victoria Behune, President and CEO of OTEC announces key organizational changes to support the organization’s growth in the areas of consulting services, tourism workforce development and innovation, as well as leadership skills development. 

Wendy Paradis has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Wendy joined the OTEC team in 2007 and leads a team dedicated to helping clients achieve outstanding customer service and leadership results through the strategic pursuit of human resource and training initiatives. Leading OTEC's tourism destination, leadership and customer service consulting projects, Wendy is instrumental in ensuring Ontario’s businesses and regions are service leading professionals. Wendy can be reached at wparadis@otec.org. 

Adam Morrison M. Sc., has been promoted to Vice President, Projects and Partnerships. Since joining the OTEC team in 2008 Adam has led OTEC’s workforce development projects such as the national Ready-to-Work network of training projects. Adam works closely with OTEC’s industry and community partners to integrate and align resources and systems, ensuring that businesses and destinations can attract, retain and advance a dynamic and competitive workforce. He is the lead on organizational research, capacity-building, and sector-level strategy projects at OTEC. Adam can be reached at amorrison@otec.org. 

Since joining the OTEC team one year ago, Janet Morrison CPT, has led the design and development of OTEC’s new leadership series of workshops LX – Leadership Xelerator, and has been promoted to Director, Learning and Leadership Excellence. Janet is an experienced Organization Development Manager and Instructional Designer and is responsible for designing, developing and customizing instructor-led and eLearning training programs. Janet has over 20 years of experience in the field of Learning and Development working as a trainer, instructional designer and manager in the retail, corporate and manufacturing industries and has worked on 30 OTEC projects. Janet can be reached at jmorrison@otec.org.

Paula Lanza has been promoted to Marketing, Communications and Technology Project Manager. Paula is responsible for managing OTEC’s marketing and branding activities; including website and social media updates, professional communications, and promotional materials. She plays a key role in the development of OTEC’s online training programs and the management of various online platforms. Paula can be reached at planza@otec.org.

Having recently returned from maternity leave, Ava-Dawn Mair M. Sc., rejoins the team as OTEC’s Learning & Development Specialist. With over 10 years international experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, Ava-Dawn plays an integral role in the development of OTEC’s training programs. From 2011-2014 she led the development, coordination, facilitation and evaluation of the innovative UPSKILL project which boasts over 20 hotel partnerships and 250 participants from across Ontario. Ava-Dawn can be reached at amair@otec.org. 


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