OTEC’s innovative partnership program with Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor Inc. receives prestigious award


The Ready-to-Work Program (RTW), hosted by the Unemployed Help Centre of Windsor Inc. (UHC) in partnership with OTEC, has received the reputable “Employment Ontario Leadership Award in Collaboration”. David Fulford, Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment and Training Division, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and Sheldon Levy, Deputy Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities presented this award to the UHC for the outstanding success of the Ready-to-Work Program. In honour of the achievement, the UHC will host a celebration ceremony to recognize the efforts of all members involved in the project.
“I am very pleased that the Ready-to-Work program was recognized with this award,” says Victoria Behune, President & CEO, OTEC. “The success of this project and the partnerships involved is truly a testament to the leadership, innovation and commitment to partnerships by our teams.”
The Ready-to-Work program provides newcomers with the opportunity to develop and enhance their tourism and hospitality skills, English vocabulary and knowledge of Canadian work culture. Through OTEC, the Ready-to-Work program also allows the participants to obtain industry specific certifications and training. The program nurtures confidence, motivation and skills necessary to become a marketable job candidate. Once participants complete the program, Employment Ontario Employment Services match them with an employer and offer incentives to secure employment.
OTEC has been a proud partner of UHC since 2009 when OTEC encouraged UHC to deliver the RTW program in Windsor. This OTEC led partnership included a network of immigrant serving agencies across the province and operated until 2011. When the funding period concluded, UHC identified a programming gap for newcomers with lower language and skill levels in Windsor. They took the initiative to lead the adaptation of Ready-to-Work and make it the success it is today.
The EO Leadership awards were created to recognize the 330 service providers in Ontario who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the areas of innovation, collaborati0on and customer service. To recognize the accomplishments, June Muir, CEO, UHC, will host a celebration event Monday, June 6 starting at 10 a.m. at 6955 Cantelon Drive, Windsor, ON. At the event, June Muir will recognize the staff and partners, including Victoria Behune, President & CEO, OTEC. Refreshments will also be served.
For more information about the Ready-to-Work program and OTEC’s services, please contact Adam Morrison at amorrison@otec.org or 416.622.1975 ext. 236
For more information about UHC and the celebration event, please contact June Muir at 519.944.4900 or 519.981.3222