Niagara Ambassador Program

Title: Niagara Ambassador Program
Organization: The Tourism Partnership of Niagara (RTO 2)
City: Niagara Region

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A needs assessment was completed and based on the results OTEC developed an online ambassador program with regional knowledge and customer service components for front-line service providers and businesses in Niagara’s hospitality and tourism industry. To date, over 1,000 participants have completed the program.

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We’ve Been Expecting You

Title: We’ve Been Expecting You
Organization: City of Toronto
City: Greater Toronto Area

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In 2011 OTEC created a trainer-led and train-the-trainer program for service providers in the City of Toronto. In 2014 OTEC was selected by the City of Toronto to develop an online engagement and education program to assist with welcoming visitors and creating memorable experiences.

To view a demo of the WBEY online Customer Service program Click Here.  

OHvation Designation Program

Title: OHvation Designation Program
Organization: Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (RTO 11)
City: Ottawa Valley

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OTEC developed a comprehensive customer service excellence designation program, including standards, to improve the quality of customer service delivery in Ontario’s Highlands and equip tourism operators with a means to become customer service leaders.

Direction Ontario - Engaging the Francophone Visitor

Title: Direction Ontario - Engaging the Francophone Visitor
Organization: Direction Ontario
City: Ontario

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OTEC was contracted by Direction Ontario to create their Bienvenue en Ontario brand, branded microsite, and training program, Engaging the Francophone Visitor, to assist Ontario-based tourism businesses, front-line employees, and tourism marketers in attracting and servicing Francophone travellers. OTEC developed and delivered 3 online branded training webinars, accessible through the microsite,  to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in how to market to, welcome, and provide exceptional service experiences to French visitors, resulting in positive long lasting experiences and increased loyalty. 

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Ontario Tourism Workforce Development Strategy Project

Title: Ontario Tourism Workforce Development Strategy Project
Organization: Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO)
City: Ontario

OTEC created the provincial tourism workforce development strategy and implementation plan for Ontario’s tourism and hospitality industry. Several strategic priorities from the strategy saw implantation in 2013.

Aboriginal Cultural Ambassadors

Title: Aboriginal Cultural Ambassadors
Organization: Aboriginal Experiences Arts and Culture
City: Across Canada

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In 2011 Aboriginal Experiences Arts and Culture partnered with OTEC  to create a training program and model to develop the service skills and knowledge of Aboriginal youth and prepare them to become Ambassadors for their culture as well as secure employment in the Aboriginal Cultural Tourism sector. The program and model were aligned to serve the gaps identified in Aboriginal Tourism Ontario’s 2013 strategic plan including, high Aboriginal unemployment, growing tourism sector labour shortages and the growing Canadian Aboriginal Tourism industry.
OTEC was chosen to partner with Aboriginal Experiences due to their expertise in emerit nationally recognized certifications and strategic program development.  Since the program’s inception in 2011 the program and model have been implemented in 5 unique projects across the country and the partnership has now expanded to include a new Ottawa-based Culinary program. 

MNO - Navigating Employment Pathways (NEP) Program

Title: MNO - Navigating Employment Pathways (NEP) Program
Organization: Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO)
City: Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Midland

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Funded in part by the Government of Canada, the Navigating Employment Pathways (NEP) pre-employment program was delivered by the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) in partnership with OTEC, as a sub-contractor providing training curriculum, industry certifications and facilitator support. The NEP program was designed to provide industry specific training to Aboriginal people looking for a career in the tourism and hospitality sector, and was offered in four communities including: Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Midland. 

Since the launch of the Navigating Employment Pathways program, the MNO has successfully expanded their Education and Training services to include a Metis Mining Strategy which provides support for short-term education, training and work placements for Aboriginal students who are interested in a career in mining. Prior to the NEP program, the MNO had not delivered in-house pre-employment training to Metis clients and have now identified a continued need for “entry-level” workplace training programs to prepare clients for employment. 

UPSKILL Project Overview

Title: UPSKILL Project Overview
Organization: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)
City: Ontario

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In partnership with SRDC, the pan-Canadian UPSKILL project was launched in 2010 to measure the impacts of workplace literacy and essential skills (LES) training. Over 100 firms and nearly 1,500 workers in the accommodations sector were enrolled across the country. In Ontario, the project was implemented in partnership with OTEC who was responsible for engaging industry and delivering the LES training program, and research collection and provincial industry performance assessments.

The findings indicate that workplace LES training has a large positive impact on both an organizations’ return on investment and workers’ skills and job performance. Importantly, the study also finds that the pattern of impacts vary significantly across firms in ways that have important implications for the design and delivery of effective training programs. Understanding these factors can lead to policies that support both larger employer investments in workplace training and higher return on investment.

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Online Customer Service Toolkit

Title: Online Customer Service Toolkit
Organization: York Region Tourism
City: York Region

OTEC was selected to review and tabulate existing regional, provincial and national resources that were used to develop an online toolkit called Hospitality First. The online toolkit also included a customer service online learning course, developed by OTEC, to help front-line employees effectively serve a diverse client base; as well as performance management tools.

Service Excellence for Healthcare

Title: Service Excellence for Healthcare
Organization: Sick Kids Hospital
City: York Region

OTEC customized and delivered front-line Service Excellence for Healthcare workshops to Sick Kids clerical and admin employees. A train-the-trainer workshop trained seven Sick Kids team members to deliver the Service Excellence for Healthcare program in-house to over 400 remaining Sick Kids employees.

“[Service Excellence for Healthcare] was helpful and meaningful. I would highly recommend this seminar. Everyone can benefit from it.”

— Patient Information Coordinator,
SickKids Hospital

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