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November O-News: Destination Employment

Part of a new, innovative pilot project, OTEC is proud to be leading an initiative in Ontario to provide career opportunities for new Canadians and support the hiring needs of hospitality employers.

Check out OTEC's November O-News to learn more.

October O-News: Tourism Skillsnet Ontario

Increasing labour shortages are impacting our businesses in Ontario and this is not an uncommon occurrence many employers are facing in the hospitality, tourism and food services sectors. A new model for workforce innovation and strategy, Tourism SkillsNet Ontario was formed to specifically address this issue by leveraging partner collaboration and HR technology for regional workforce development.

To find out more about Tourism Skillsnet Ontario and how your community can participate, please contact Adam Morrison at amorrison@otec.org or Melwyn Dcosta at mdcosta@otec.org.

Check out OTEC's October O-News to learn more.

September O-News: Managing & Motivating Millennials

Did you know millennials are projected to make up 46% of the total workforce by 2020?

Millennials have been transforming the workplace with new ways of thinking, learning and working causing a positive effect on the people and work space around them. Not only are they technology savvy but they are creative, self-confident, open and tolerant in diverse and inclusive workplaces.

To find out about how OTEC can help you with attraction and retention strategies for your organization, please visit: https://www.otec.org/Contact.aspx or contact us about OTEC’s M3-Managing & Motivating Millennials workshop.

Check out OTEC's September O-News to learn more: bit.ly/2Pj4kck

August O-News: Empowered For Service

OTEC’s LX Leadership Xelerator programs and Leadership Bootcamp include “Leading Empowerment” and other essential skills. Learn why top brands are integrating LX to create engaged, empowered and customer-centric teams.

Learn more about LX Leadership programs and how you can bring them to your organization. Follow the link to learn more: https://bit.ly/2xSpHcC

July O-News: China-Canada Year of Tourism

It is an exciting year for Canada’s tourism and hospitality industry as the country collectively prepares for the Canada-China Year of Tourism. Chinese visitation increased by 12% in 2017 to become Canada’s second largest international inbound market and the country is expecting over 10 million visitors over the next two years* accounting for huge economic impact to our destinations.

So what can businesses do to prepare? Check out this month's OTEC O-News to learn about our Service Excellence to Chinese Visitors workshop: https://goo.gl/jhjr4K

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