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July O-News: China-Canada Year of Tourism

It is an exciting year for Canada’s tourism and hospitality industry as the country collectively prepares for the Canada-China Year of Tourism. Chinese visitation increased by 12% in 2017 to become Canada’s second largest international inbound market and the country is expecting over 10 million visitors over the next two years* accounting for huge economic impact to our destinations.

So what can businesses do to prepare? Check out this month's OTEC O-News to learn about our Service Excellence to Chinese Visitors workshop: https://goo.gl/jhjr4K

June O-News: A Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

OTEC recently announced several innovative workforce development projects that are focused on integrating youth, indigenous and Métis communities, newcomers and refugees into the Canadian workforce through technology-based assessment tools and effective pre-employment training. As a founding partner of the Discover Ability network, OTEC recognizes that 1 out of 7 Canadians has a disability and promotes the hiring of persons with disabilities. All of this work and the various partnerships we have, demonstrate our commitment to ensuring all diverse stakeholders are provided with the training, tools, and resources they need to be successful.

To learn more about or get involved in OTEC programs and projects focusing on diversity and inclusion, check out this month's O-News -

May O-News: Connecting People, Skills and Jobs

OTEC Workforce Solutions Cycle Supports People & Organizations At All Stages Of The Workforce

We all know that employers and communities are experiencing many challenges including impacts from employment legislation and wages, labour and skill shortages affecting productivity, the pace of technological changes, the focus on diversity in hiring practices and the increasing competitiveness for destinations and businesses.

It isn’t always easy to navigate these changes, which is why OTEC, as an independent not for profit workforce solutions organization, is uniquely differentiated in the marketplace. Dedicated to supporting the Workforce Life Cycle at all stages of an individual’s career path, OTEC focuses on strategic solutions to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and communities.

Learn more in this month's O-News: https://goo.gl/ZZjrY4 

April O-News: New Service and Sales Strategies Improve Productivity

Employers in many sectors are facing multiple competitive challenges including attracting and retaining new talent, as well as dealing with the impact of the new minimum wage labour legislation. Combined with the fact that nearly half of Canada’s working population lacks the essential skills prescribed for their occupation, many economists predict large-scale job losses across the service sectors in core entry-level positions. This is particularly true for the hospitality and retail sectors where minimum wage increases, combined with skills and performance gaps, are preventing employers from achieving the productivity gains they require to achieve business results.

Learn more about CSR Customer Service Results Service & Sales Training & Certification, and how to bring it to your business.

March O-News: Emotional Intelligence & Customer Service

Many organizations hire for a combination of experience, skills and emotional intelligence. OTEC’s new training workshop called, Service SMARTS, enables employees to experience the direct impact of their EQ to improve external and internal customer service relationships.

Learn how OTEC’s new Service Smarts workshop prepares individuals with the skills and thought processes to create memorable service experiences utilizing emotional intelligence. 

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