OTEC produces monthly eNews letters communicating industry trends and issues in addition to our Workforce Development Updates which include up-to-date articles and information on OTEC Partnerships and initiatives, training products, success stories and much more.

February O-News: Investing in Workforce Development Partnerships

OTEC has been leading in the development of workforce strategies to help connect job seekers at all skill levels, including entry level candidates, to the training they need to access jobs. OTEC’s sector partnership planning model brings together the powerful voices of employers, stakeholders and practitioners to identify what employers are looking for, and, what employers can do to attract motivated candidates. Successfully implemented in four Ontario regions: Kitchener/Waterloo, Kingston, Windsor and Toronto, OTEC has seen quantifiable results and actionable outcomes benefitting those regions.

December O-News: The Discover Ability Network

OTEC is committed to connecting employers to people with all abilities seeking tourism and hospitality industry jobs. A partner with the Discover Ability Network, OTEC enables persons with disabilities to access jobs and employers to find the talent they need. The Discover Ability Network has been developed to connect people with disabilities seeking job opportunities and to promote the business case for this.

November O-News: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

25% who reported it found that management was unresponsive. It's time to shift the thinking around sexual harassment in the workplace. Together we will lead teams in shifting thoughts, attitudes and culture to foster zero tolerance in the workplace. 

September O-News: Access the Right Talent Now

The Advantages of Hiring Persons with Disabilities.  Did you know there are currently 1.9 million persons with disabilities in Ontario and 16% are eager to work, but unable to find employment?*

July O-News: Intelligence for Youth Workplace Success

In our first of a series of how OTEC brings “Intelligence to the Workplace” we focus on the diversity of our youth- the next generation of workers.

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