OTEC consultants help organizations and destinations develop their businesses to improve visitor experience and increase profits.

As experts in the tourism and hospitality field, our consulting team can assist with the development of quality standards, as well as designation & recognition programs.

Quality Standards Development

Establishing quality standards helps to ensure all regional touch points deliver a consistent level of service and provide exceptional visitor experiences. OTEC uses research and best practice tourism industry standards to develop new or supplemental organization or regional standards. Standards development consulting services include: Service Standards – Environment (Physical) – Digital – Regional Tourism Product – Aligning Brand and Employee Performance and the utilization of emerit National Occupation Standards where applicable.

Designation Programs

Designation and recognition programs provide motivation for tourism businesses and their employees to meet established quality standards. These programs provide tangible acknowledgement of their commitment to being service leaders, as well as provide a visible sign of quality and service excellence to visitors. OTEC’s Designation Program consulting services include: program design and development, implementation, key metrics and evaluation (e.g. client feedback and/or mystery shop services).

Tourism Ambassador Designation Program

Raise the service delivery and destination knowledge of service providers in your region! OTEC consultants can work with you to develop a Tourism Ambassador Designation Program that meets the unique needs of your destination through the development of regional tourism ambassador standards; regional knowledge and service excellence training; key metrics; evaluation and recognition programing.

Tourism Excellence Ambassador Program

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