Public Sessions Winter Workshops 2018

Service Smarts

This new half-day workshop utilizes the latest methodologies and service techniques to prepare individuals with the skills and thought processes to create memorable service experiences. Engaging and interactive, this progressive workshop combines dynamic learning formats including videos, games, exercises and real life simulations. Utilizing emotional intelligence, service professionals will leave the workshop with the tools and skills to become service concierges.

Dates for this session are as follows:
November 14, 2018 Find registration form here!

Service Excellence 

Excellent and consistent customer service is the cornerstone of today’s successful businesses. OTEC’s Service Excellence training program helps equip front-line service providers with the skills and practical techniques that will generate lasting impressions, overcome difficult customer situations and build customer loyalty.

Dates for this session are as follows:
December 4, 2018 Find registration form here!

Training and Facilitation Excellence 

Designed for organizations wanting to develop the competencies of their in-house workplace trainers or facilitators and/or for individuals who wish to develop the skills to be a professional facilitator, this program provides the skills, tools and confidence to successfully facilitate and train in any environment.

Dates for this session are as follows:
December 5 & 6, 2018 Find registration form here!

Designated Trainer Program 

If your organization trains more than 50 employees per year, then consider delivering OTEC’s flagship “Customer Service Excellence” program in-house. Your trainers will gain a solid understanding of adult learning basics and will discover how to create a learner-centric environment. Your organization will benefit through increased employee participation, theory retention and support in your efforts to create a ‘service culture’.

Dates for this session are as follows:
December 4 - 6, 2018 Find registration form here!


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