OTEC has a complete portfolio of pre-employment training programs which are available to support partner agencies serving youth, aboriginals, newcomers and workers in transition.

Each of our programs are customizable based on the partner organizations’ assessed goals, objectives and clients’ needs. Program lengths can range from single day workshops, to full-time, 5 days a week, 10 week in-class training programs.

Programs typically include one or all of the following components:
  • National emerit Canadian Workplace Essentials workplace culture and communications program National emerit Workplace Essentials employability skills program
  • OTEC’s flagship customer service training program, Service Excellence
  • Relevant mandatory industry certifications (for example, WHMIS, Smart Serve, Food Safety Training, CPR & First Aid)
  • National emerit Occupation-specific skills training

Customer Service Training

A turn-key solution for employment and social services agencies looking to develop their clients’ skills to provide exceptional service, increase customer loyalty and create memorable experiences.

Since 1996, OTEC has been a proud partner of Ontario’s Social and Employment Services sector, working with over 100 employment and social services programs across Ontario. To date, OTEC has trained and certified over 200 in-house trainers and facilitators in the Service Excellence, Designated Trainer Program, enabling organizations to deliver Ontario’s most industry recognized customer service training to job seekers and staff. 

Newcomer and Internationally Trained Individuals (ITI’s) Training

Customized bridge training programs for agencies serving newcomers and Internationally Trained Individuals (ITI’s).

OTEC has customized a variety of industry-specific training programs to assist job seekers transition into the Canadian workplace. Programming is available for sectors including Tourism and Hospitality, Sales and Marketing, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, Architecture, and Human Resource Management.

Partner Projects

First Nations and Métis Training

Community-based training models for urban and remote communities to develop workplace foundational and occupational skills.

OTEC has partnered with a number of Aboriginal organizations to develop and deliver pre-employment and skills development training programs to address identified needs. Previous programs have targeted specific audiences and/or sectors including Youth, Hospitality, Outdoor Guiding, Heritage and Culture, Remote Camp Services (Line Cook, Food Services and Housekeeping) and Personal Support Workers. Take a look at some of our partner projects below.
Partner Projects

Youth Training

Industry-responsive, customized programs for youth skills development.

OTEC provides a range of programs and consulting services to provide youth with the skills they need to get started in the workforce.
Partner Projects

Employability Skills Development

Customized training programs that help participants acquire the skills and experience they need to get the job they want. 

OTEC develops customized program models to suit a range of client groups and training environments, language levels and essential skills priorities. We have developed innovative and adaptive programs for delivery in a variety of workplaces, correctional institutions, remote communities, clients with special needs, etc.
Partner Projects

This 10-week program is designed to assist newcomers with a CLB level 4-10 by providing them with the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills for a career in Canada’s Tourism and Hospitality sector.

We can work with you to develop a learning solution to meet the unique needs of your clients or community.

For more information on OTEC’s pre-employment training projects contact:

Kim Marshall
Director, Projects & Strategic Initiatives
416.622.1975 ext. 226