OTEC Training Solutions woman in the computer planning training

Mohamed Bakal

As the Labour Market Analyst, Mohamed is responsible for designing and conducting labour market analytics to understand trends better, identify opportunities, and contribute to regional planning. Mohamed serves as a critical point of contact for OTEC’s Destination Dynamics: Real-time local Tourism Revenue & Labour Forecasting model and our Labour Market Information. He works closely with our TSNO Alliance members to visualize labour market information and respond to market fluctuations.

Mohamed has experience with Statistics Canada as an Economist, where he worked on monthly national measures of GDP program, performing detailed analysis, evaluation, and review of statistical methodologies and concepts to improve existing data.  He also has prior experience working with senior management, as well as authorizing high-quality and timely research documents.

Mohamed has a Bachelor of Economics degree from Carleton University. He has an impressive skill set in computer and project management skills, awarding him the title of ‘Excellence in Project Delivery’ in 2018.