Innovative Assessment and Consulting Services

OTEC is passionate about improving personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency to help organizations be successful in today’s diverse workplaces and to be better prepared for the future.

We work closely with regional employment service providers and workforce development groups to help create effective teams for hospitality, tourism, financial, high-tech, manufacturing and other high-priority sectors. As a certified Lumina Practitioner, OTEC helps employers identify, define and evaluate the most desirable behavioural characteristics with the aim of:


Attracting, training and retaining high potential talent.


Developing a pipeline of transformational leaders.


Dramatically improving productivity at all levels.


Creating high performing teams to improve service capabilities.


Improving management performance through executive and team coaching.


Helping to foster an inspired and collaborative workplace culture which thrives through highly effective communication.

Psychometric Based Consulting Service Packages Include:

Organizational Needs Assessment and Consultation
Learn to understand your organization’s needs and opportunities for growth through strategic organizational cultural analysis and benchmarking. Identify opportunities for change and become aware of blind spots which could impact your organization.

Occupational Benchmarking
Transform the way your organization thinks about the characteristics required for performance. Enable specific teams, roles and departments within your organization to perform at the top of their game.

Candidate Assessment
Identify and select candidates with the behavioural characteristics and attitudes to excel in specific roles within your unique workplace culture. Foster more cohesive and effective teams by hiring the right candidate the first time: those who are naturally a better fit with your organization.

Talent Development
By identifying current performance and setting targets, you can dramatically improve retention of your high achievers and the performance of your current teams.

Strategic Workforce Development
Whether you are a city, a sector or an international organization, start leveraging psychometric science and technology to tap into the talent pools you didn’t know existed.

Develop. Perform. Succeed.
Let OTEC help you and your organization to achieve measurable results.

The ALiGN Network - Innovative Solutions to
Targeting Labour Shortages

A first of its kind network, top employers, industry and employment are working with OTEC to solve the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow. OTEC works with valued employers to evaluate the most desirable behavioral characteristics in labour shortage occupations. We then benchmark those qualities with motivated, reliable and dependable employees in real workplaces validating the results against Lumina’s normative data.


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