OTEC connects and aligns key players across industries and sectors working in collaboration to create solutions to address current and future workforce challenges

OTEC is Ontario's leader in tourism and hospitality workforce innovation

The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) is a not-for-profit organization delivering award-winning skills training, consulting, research and insight – guiding workforce strategy and evidence-based investment for a wide variety of industries, business and destinations. 

OTEC leads Tourism SkillsNet Ontario – an award-winning alliance of industry partners aligning provincial workforce strategy with local labour challenges to build an empowered, resilient industry. 

OTEC’s commitment to positive social impact is seen through our support of vulnerable populations – including refugees, newcomers to Canada, indigenous populations, workers without post-secondary education, and younger people. Together, OTEC and our partners collaborate across industries, sectors, and all levels of government to create workforce solutions that make a lasting impact on the lives, economic prosperity and employment resiliency of workers, their families and communities.

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Tourism SkillsNet North Launches

The Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC), Destination Northern Ontario, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, District Social Services Administration Boards, Indigenous Tourism Ontario and Northern Ontario Workforce Planning Boards have collaborated to launch Tourism SkillsNet North – a new initiative designed to provide support to the hard-hit tourism sector.

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Who we work with

At OTEC, we believe the success of others is the measure of our own success. We value collaboration with our many diverse partners.