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Complex times call for enhanced skills

Increasing adoption of AI technology and digital tools have driven the speed of change in the workplace. Employers are increasingly seeking social and emotional skills in their employees to adapt more quickly and easily as the future of work evolves.

Workforce development practitioners across sectors, along with policy makers, are responding to this growing interest in socio-emotional skills through the adoption of the Government of Canada’s new Skills for Success model. Launched in May 2021, the model builds on the original Essential Skills framework’s core strengths while aligning them with modern labour market needs.

In partnership with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), the Skills for Success Demonstration project brings the Skills for Success model to life through customized training aligned with the Tourism and Hospitality sector’s skills development priorities. OTEC’s Accelerated Leadership Series has been designed to especially address the emerging socio-emotional skills for success, helping participants build and strengthen their skills including collaboration, communications, creativity and innovation, adaptability, and problem-solving.

In collaboration with SRDC, the project will inform the development, customization, and pilot testing of assessment and training resources to support both transferable and sector-based Skills for Success programming. The project aims to demonstrate the practical application of the Skills for Success model to skills development and to measure the increase in the development of socio-emotional skills, as well as learning transfer and improvements in job performance.

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At OTEC, we bring a sector-specific lens to the design and development of Skills for Success training and assessment tools. We leverage our strengths in training design and implementation and our research capabilities to pilot social impact innovation.

If you are an organization interested in adopting and testing innovative workforce development approaches to address emerging demands for socio-emotional skills development, please connect with us today!

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