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The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) is Ontario’s tourism and hospitality workforce development organization.

This not-for-profit organization delivers award-winning skills training, consulting, research and insight – guiding workforce strategy and evidence-based investment. OTEC provides a diverse portfolio of customized, sector-specific workforce solutions designed to ensure organizations achieve the highest standards of service and performance objectives – including customer service and leadership training, up skilling and reskilling, professional certifications, HR technology, and consulting services for a wide range of businesses and destinations. 

Skills and labour challenges are among the most pressing issues faced by the tourism and hospitality industry. To address this issue, OTEC directs tourism and hospitality workforce development efforts across the province. In this capacity, OTEC leads Tourism SkillsNet Ontario – an award-winning alliance of industry partners comprised of more than 120 organizations and 12 regions across Ontario – working collaboratively to align provincial workforce strategy with local industry-specific regional labour challenges. The first of its kind in Canada, Tourism SkillsNet Ontario leverages provincial collaboration and investment to tackle skills, labour and strategic challenges at the local level, offering customized solutions to address these challenges and to build an empowered, resilient and thriving industry. 

Our Mission
To provide thought leadership and dynamic execution to build skills, capacity, and competitiveness throughout the workforce life cycle.

To connect and guide industry and community partners through research, technology, skills development and strategic opportunities to foster a thriving and sustainable Tourism & Hospitality sector.

Our Vision
OTEC is the strategic lead in Tourism & Hospitality workforce development. We are connecting, impacting and engaging people, organizations and destinations today and for the future.

Our Service Vision
Above and Beyond.

Our Purpose
To connect people and strengthen communities.

Our Values: 

  • Insight
    We leverage intelligence and vision to solve complex workforce issues in real-time.
  • Agility
    We navigate diverse networks and disciplines to catalyze responsive solutions.
  • Collaboration
    Our strength comes from the success and diversity of our people and our partners.
  • Empowerment
    We champion work that makes a meaningful difference for people, businesses and destinations.
  • Commitment
    We are continually driven to achieve excellence.


Train your team with help from the government. As a government approved Canada-Ontario Job Grant supplier, OTEC can help you develop and deliver a training plan specific to your unique needs.

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