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Reimagine to Succeed

Funded by the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility under the EnAbling Change program, OTEC’s pilot project aimed to create more equitable opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector for persons with disabilities through education and awareness initiatives, coupled with tailored support for employers.

Project components included:

  • Awareness Building: Local and provincial outreach about the business case for inclusive hiring.
  • Training for Employers: Ontario Disability Employment Network’s Disability Awareness and Confidence Training for employers, an online course on how to hire and onboard employees who have a disability.
  • Supportive Network: Connect business leaders with like-minded employers to share experiences and exchange best practices.
  • 1:1 Consulting Support: Business needs and capacity assessment to help employers develop recruitment and retention plans for people with disabilities.

Reimagine to Succeed received positive feedback and strong audience engagement during 29 events, presentations, and virtual workshops. Strong collaborative support from employment service providers and tourism and hospitality alliances enabled OTEC to reach a broad audience. 

Click here to access the Reimagine to Succeed project’s final report. 

Inclusive Hiring is Good for People

Empowerment: Meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
Financial Independence: Foster self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on social supports.
Social Inclusion: Contribute to personal development, confidence, and a sense of belonging.
Source: Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN)

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