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OTEC (Ontario Tourism Education Corporation) is Ontario’s Tourism and Hospitality workforce development organization. We are a not-for-profit organization delivering award-winning skills training, consulting, research and insight, guiding workforce strategy, and evidence-based projects. 

At OTEC, our team is passionate about making a difference and effecting change by helping people develop their potential, perform to professional standards and succeed. Here you can find a dynamic career full of progressive personal and professional development opportunities. We offer an entrepreneurial and consulting environment where we help businesses make the most of their human resources.

At OTEC, our team is aligned with the values of our organization. We believe that our core values and purpose are the living drivers of our performance. Our team believes they get a real sense of achievement from doing their work and they believe OTEC makes a difference and achieves its social mission.

Our team believes they get a real sense of achievement from doing their work and they believe OTEC makes a difference and achieves its social mission. That is also what brings them to work every day. They bring their whole self; they feel equal and included. They feel that people put their differences aside and work together for the greater good. The team also feels a valued member of our organization because our culture tends to focus on what we have in common rather than on the differences.

At OTEC, our team feels connected through the good and bad times, and they believe to have a good working relationship with their direct managers. At OTEC, our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Impact Committee strives to bring training, alignment, and action on commitments that improve acceptance, how we work together, and how we empower one another every day. Our Social Committee is also actively engaged in bringing social and health initiatives to improve our relationships and our wellbeing.

The OTEC Advantage:

  • Yearly flexi-dollars
  • Start-up environment
  • Extended health coverage
  • Career development and ongoing training
  • Hybrid workspace
  • Assessment tool (Lumina Profile)
  • 10 flexible personal days
  • Friday early closure before the long weekend during the summer season

What our customers love about the team at OTEC:

During 2020-2022 many industries were, and still are, negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and I think we can safely say the travel industry is one such industry affected the most. I worked at one of Canada’s largest online travel companies that included subsidiary tour operators both wholesale and retail in a sales management role. When the industry realized it was in serious trouble, the lay-offs and terminations followed and unfortunately, I was affected. My case worker put me in touch with several programs one being OTEC, and I decided to enroll. On day one of the program, it was evident that OTEC employs some of the best motivational instructors/coaches I have come across and are unbelievably engaging. Their demeanor made the class want to collaborate even though we knew nothing about each other.

Personally, I wish more corporations would take advantage of OTEC’s curriculum primarily Service EQ, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution. I believe any corporation would benefit from providing these especially to front-line employees who may not have had the experience or education on the subjects through no fault of their own. These and every other subject we took was presented in such a meaningful way, and again not just pure textbook, anyone can read it and go through the material, but these ladies made us all feel it, and that’s where the difference lays. I want to thank everyone for their sincere support, guidance, and a renewed sense of confidence. You have an amazing team, and having worked with persons in similar roles, I strongly suggest you hang on to them, not everyone is cut out to do what they do regardless of their educational background. To OTEC’s CEO, congratulations as a leader for creating an organization and team that truly benefits people, and that’s ultimately what it’s about”.

Brad Hartley, Training client.


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