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OTEC Training Solutions woman in the computer planning training

Dianne Vanstone

Dianne has been affiliated with OTEC since 1994 and has been a valuable and long-standing member of the team. After joining OTEC, Dianne managed youth training initiatives, as part of the national Ready to Work program throughout Ontario for over 8 years. Dianne helped develop OTEC’s network of employment and social service agencies and integrated Service Excellence throughout this network to serve a variety of client groups.

Dianne is an experienced Master Facilitator with OTEC delivering training programs, including Training and Facilitation Excellence, and Service Excellence, in person and virtually, to a diverse range of OTEC clients in the tourism, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, education and employment services sectors.

Dianne is an emerit nationally certified tourism trainer with the Canadian Tourism Resource Council. She is a graduate of Ryerson University, Hospitality & Tourism Management program and her previous experience in human resources and training within major Canadian Hotel brands enables her to provide excellent industry perspective.

Dianne OTEC Trainer

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