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Self-Paced, Online Training

OTEC delivers the training and development solutions you need, where you need them.

Whether your team members are spread across the province or the country, your organization can benefit from OTEC’s award-winning training and development programs delivered through our innovative eLearning option.

Service Excellence

Creating memorable experiences for your customers requires you and your team to have the most up-to-date specialized skills and knowledge. OTEC's Service Excellence is a dynamic, interactive workshop to help you create "WOW" service experiences.

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New: Inclusive Service Excellence

OTEC’s Inclusive Service Excellence eLearning course equips service professionals with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. This dynamic and interactive course is built on a customer-centric service model, meets AODA standards for online learning, and is delivered using a range of interactive approaches.

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Service Excellence: De-escalation Training

The service industry typically faces higher-than-usual levels of stress and anxiety than other professions. At times, customers can become confrontational with workers, who then need to manage the situation. OTEC's Service Excellence: De-escalation Training will equip you with various tactics and skills that can help you mitigate difficult situations with a guest.  

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Leadership Excellence

An interactive and engaging 4-part leadership series that will equip new, emerging and existing leaders with theories, strategies and tools to develop their leadership skills. It focuses on the vital role managers and supervisors play in leading organizations to develop and perform successfully in the workplace.

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Self-care and Wellness

Although we may realize that self-care is important for our wellbeing, many of us make excuses or find it difficult to overcome barriers to adapting personal self-care practices. In this workshop, participants will learn about what self-care is and how it positively impacts our health and well-being. Participants will review the impact to those around us when we care for ourselves and set personal goals for ongoing selfcare during these difficult times.

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Emotional Intelligence, or EQ as it is commonly referred to, is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, and cope with challenges. This interactive training will provide you with strategies for leveraging and developing your Emotional Intelligence in both your personal life and during your work within the Hospitality Industry.

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This exclusive hospitality training program for creating a safe and welcoming work environment, consists of two online learning modules and includes case studies on successful industry practices. Frontline and management teams will be equipped with the knowledge and up to date resources they need to implement safe intervention practices.

If you are interested in completing the training, or bringing this training to your organization, please contact OTEC for registration instructions.

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Tense interactions can sometimes turn into major conflicts. This introductory course helps equip you to reduce conflict in your workplace interactions using highly practical approaches.

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We develop unique, customized web-based programs for organizations that incorporates feedback, clear navigation, dynamic animation and graphics to enhance the learning experience, while remaining budget conscious.

OTEC’s web-based learning approach is similar to our approach with classroom learning. This format is ideal for organizations with multiple new hires over an extended period of time, or for organizations where team members require the flexibilty of self-paced learning.


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