The Align Network a sophisticated psychometric assessment


Talent Assessment and Job Matching Platform Targeting Labour Shortage Occupations

A first of its kind network, top employers, industry and employment are working with OTEC to solve the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow. OTEC works with valued employers to evaluate the most desirable behavioral characteristics in labour shortage occupations. We then benchmark those qualities with motivated, reliable and dependable employees in real workplaces validating the results against Lumina’s normative data.

OTEC is passionate about improving personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency to help organizations be successful in today’s diverse workplaces and to be better prepared for the future.

We work closely with regional employment service providers and workforce development groups to help create effective teams for hospitality, tourism, financial, high-tech, manufacturing and other high-priority sectors. 

Program Partners

Developed by OTEC and powered by Magnet, ALiGN offers a sophisticated psychometric assessment and matching methodology that establishes job fit characteristics for candidates by providing a talent-to-role fit correlation that can identify the positions that job seekers are most likely to excel in.


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