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Train-the-Trainer Series

OTEC’s Train-the-Trainer programs provide participants with the specific tools and techniques needed for flawless delivery material and exceptional results!

The programs on this page qualify for funding under the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. For more information on the Canada-Ontario Job Grant please visit Canada-Ontario Job Grant

OTEC Designated Trainer – Service Excellence Series

This program is designed for companies that would like their own in-house trainers to deliver the OTEC’s Service Excellence series of training workshops.

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Training and Facilitation Excellence

This program is designed to assist organizations in developing the competencies of in-house facilitators or for individuals who wish to develop the skills to be a professional facilitator.

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On-the-Job Workplace Training Excellence

This program assists organizations in developing the knowledge and competencies of in-house trainers and leaders to successfully build, adapt, and execute comprehensive workplace training based on the experience of the employee.

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