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De-escalation Series – In High Demand

OTEC’s new De-escalation Series provides the tactics and skills to help mitigate challenging guest interactions and provide great service. With topics ranging from Conflict Management to Self-Care, this new series includes practical, instructor-led workshops and interactive and accessible eLearning courses to support a range of learning styles and approaches. 

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De-escalation (Workshop)

Knowing how to use the right combination of strategies, techniques, and methods to de-escalate a situation can turn down the heat and allow for a reset. This full-day, instructor-led workshop helps builds the skills and techniques to diffuse escalating situations and equips you to reduce conflict in your personal and workplace interactions. Includes practice scenarios and coaching. 

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the factors and possible underlying causes that contribute to escalation
  • Recognize the factors and triggers that may shape your response
  • Identify existing solutions and the resources available to support
  • Explain the levels of an escalation and identify the most appropriate response for each level
  • Identify, understand, and demonstrate the steps of the RESPECT model for de-escalation
  • Examine how self-awareness and self-management will assist in response and recovery

Workshop agenda

  • Introduction and overview.
  • Who are your customers and what are their experiences?
  • Factors Impacting you?
  • What are your existing resources?
  • Levels of escalation.
  • RESPECT model.
  • Self-management and de-escalation.
  • Application of the RESPECT model.
  • Self-care.

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De-escalation Fundamentals (eLearning)

Tense interactions can sometimes turn into major conflicts. This introductory course helps equip you to reduce conflict in your workplace interactions using highly practical approaches.

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Self-Care & De-escalation (Workshop)

It’s never easy to keep your cool in difficult situations. This 4 hour, instructor-led workshop explores the connection between self-care and our ability to de-escalate stressful situations and consider why developing self-care practices is important to our health and well-being.

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Conflict Management (Workshop)

This interactive workshop is designed to introduce ideas and techniques to manage conflict and promote healthier negotiation and conflict resolution. You will discuss the causes of conflict, reflect on different approaches and modes of reacting to it, and walk through hands-on scenarios to practice conflict management strategy. 

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Introduction to Conflict Management (eLearning)

Managing conflict is an increasingly essential component of our lives. In this online training, you will identify the causes of conflict, reflect on different approaches and modes of reacting to it, and get practical tips and tools to hone your conflict management skills.  This dynamic and highly interactive course meets AODA standards for accessible online learning and is delivered using a range of interactive approaches. 

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