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Kadine Cooper

Kadine Cooper is a skilled speaker, facilitator, and coach with a passion for helping people improve their skills. For over 16 years she worked with corporate clients 1:1 and in a group setting to strengthen their ability to build rapport, improve customer service, generate sales, navigate workplace dynamics, and lead teams in an engaging, interactive, and inclusive manner. For the last 3 years, she has worked primarily as a facilitator and coach, refining her craft, and building her knowledge of interpersonal communication, customer service, sales, leadership, presentation skills and facilitation. With thousands of hours of facilitation behind her, Kadine brings a wide perspective regarding leadership, full-cycle human resources, sales and client service standards supporting numerous global companies, non-for-profits, and libraries.

For over 16 years, Kadine has helped companies and great talent find and build mutually rewarding relationships. Kadine is passionate about helping professional executives build a career brand that will set them towards a more purpose-driven, dream career and life. The framework she provides guides you on a journey to get the confidence and compensation you deserve while loving what you do. Her coaching not only gets you the job but also provides you with the tools, resources, and resilience you need in life and your career to advance while making a massive impact in your field.


Kadine has an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration-Human Resources and is currently in the process of obtaining her Co-Active Coaching Certification.


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