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Pinar Uzunkaya

As Assistant Project Manager, Workforce Development, Pinar is responsible for coordinating OTEC’s workforce development projects supporting partnerships and pre-employment training programs serving newcomer and refugee jobseekers. She coordinates the Ontario delivery of the hospitality-focused Destination Employment project, in partnership with Tourism HR Canada and a network of provincial/territorial organizations, immigrant serving organizations and hospitality businesses.  The provincial administration of Emerit Skills Training and Certifications is also managed by her.

Pinar has held two previous key roles at OTEC including Client Services Coordinator and Training Coordinator and prior to this, gained experience in the hospitality industry and  international work experience in Communications & Advertising.

Pinar holds a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Marmara University in Turkey and has certifications in Publicity & Public Relations from the University of Toronto.

Pinar Uzunkaya OTEC Assistant Project Manager

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