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July O-News: China-Canada Year of Tourism

It is an exciting year for Canada’s tourism and hospitality industry as the country collectively prepares for the Canada-China Year of Tourism. Chinese visitation increased by 12% in 2017 to become Canada’s second-largest international inbound market and the country is expecting over 10 million visitors over the next two years* accounting for huge economic impact to our destinations. So what can businesses do to prepare?
Getting to know the visitor types is one way to ensure that you are providing the products and services most valued by these visitors. Research indicates that there are two distinctive groups and what stands out is the desire for authentic, Canadian experiences. While there are many things that make up authentic experiences, those working on the front lines are truly the ambassadors to make these experiences and Canada’s brand come alive. Providing these teams with the tips and tools they need to leave a lasting impression is essential and businesses would be wise to prepare their businesses and teams for this important new visitor segment.

There are many things businesses and individuals can do to help make the Chinese visitor feel welcomed including being knowledgeable about their needs, interests and how you can make them feel valued.  A simple Mandarin greeting – Nihao (knee-how) will be a great start.


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