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OTEC is proud to welcome Damian Goulbourne to our Board of Directors

Damian Goulbourne is a forward-thinking visionary committed to catalyzing positive change for peers, students, and communities.

As the Dean of the School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts at Centennial College, Damian is entrusted with the comprehensive administration of the School’s academic programs and enterprise operations. His purview extends to financial stewardship, human resource management, and evaluating administrators, faculty, and support staff. Damian’s leadership is instrumental in shaping the future of education and ensuring its alignment with the needs of the modern world.

In his role as Dean, his responsibilities span financial oversight, human resource management, and the rigorous evaluation of administrators, faculty, and support staff. Damian’s tenure as Dean reflects his unwavering commitment to driving educational innovation and fostering a culture of excellence.

Damian also brings a diverse background, including not-for-profit board governance and government relations experience from serving as Welland’s mayor.

“With Damian Goulbourne’s diverse experience and unwavering dedication, he brings a unique set of tools to the OTEC board,” said Adam Morrison, OTEC’s President/CEO.

His passion for education and his drive to make a difference make him a compelling choice to support and guide the strategic direction of our organization as we are looking to increase our impact in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and beyond.


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