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OTEC is proud to welcome Yu Jin to its Board of Directors.

She is a visionary and dynamic IT executive with over 13 years in the role of Chief Information Officer. She has extensive expertise in creating highly responsive IT organizations to support business strategy and growth. She takes IT strategy from concept to creation, directs projects, implements enterprise systems and infrastructure, and oversees global IT operations and budgets. She is an achievement-oriented leader who optimizes teams by challenging and empowering them while providing coaching and support.
Yu Jin has served as the Chief Information Officer at Sunwing Travel Group since 2019. She is part of the executive committee, responsible for overall IT operations on all vertical business units, such as Airline, Tour Ops, Retail Tour Stores, Hotels and Local Destinations. She has a proven track record of providing technical vision, strategic planning, strong business relationship building, solid business acumen, influential communications, and international experience.
Prior to Sunwing, Yi Jin lead the IT operations for Best Buy Canada, and in the hospitality industry as the Chief Information Officer at Delta Hotels, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Over her career, she has developed IT strategies based on five key pillars, including Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Security, Business Intelligence, Guest Technology, and Customer Applications. She has also implemented IT Security functions to ensure business and customer information is well protected and ensure PCI compliance for all business divisions.
“Yu Jin is a highly experienced technology executive. She is also passionate about giving back to the industry and community. With the growing role that technology plays in the scaling of OTEC’s workforce recovery efforts, Yu Jin represents an ideal addition to the organization’s strategic Board of Directors,” said Adam Morrison, OTEC’s President/CEO.
Yu Jin was awarded an MBA in from the Kellogg/Schulich Business School, Northwestern/York University and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies (MLIS), from McGill University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Philosophy from Heilongjiang University, in China.

About OTEC
The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) is Ontario’s tourism and hospitality workforce development organization. This not-for-profit organization delivers award-winning skills training, consulting, research and insight – guiding workforce strategy and evidence-based investment. OTEC leads Tourism SkillsNet Ontario – an award-winning alliance of industry partners comprised of more than 120 organizations and 12 regions across Ontario – working collaboratively to align provincial workforce strategy with local industry-specific regional labour challenges. The first of its kind in Canada, Tourism SkillsNet Ontario leverages provincial collaboration and investment to tackle skills, labour and strategic challenges at the local level, offering customized solutions to address these challenges and to build an empowered, resilient and thriving industry.

About the OTEC Board of Directors
The OTEC Board of Directors is a diverse and dedicated group of volunteers and industry experts who are committed to lending their support and knowledge to our not for profit organization.

With their expertise and knowledge, we ensure all of our products and services are of the highest caliber, innovative and meet the needs of our stakeholders.



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