Accelerated Resiliency & Retention Training Series

OTEC’s new Accelerated Resiliency & Retention Training is designed for people working in tourism and hospitality or seeking a new career in the sector.

  • Empowers participants to succeed in a tourism and hospitality role.
  • Builds confidence to manage the demands of a customer service job.
  •  Equips participants to manage stress, reduce burnout, and navigate
    difficult interactions at work.
  • Supports upskilling, employee retention and onboarding for new hires.
  • Simple and easy to register, with new sessions starting weekly.


  • Small, interactive classes
  • Virtual or in-person instruction by certified, experienced trainers
  • Great resume builder – earn a certificate of completion for each course
  • Accessible from any device (computer or mobile)


  • Jobseekers and new entrants in the tourism & hospitality sector
  • Tourism & hospitality workers seeking to upskill and advance their careers


Day 1
Essentials of Service Excellence (4 hours)
Learn the tools to create exceptional service experiences for customers.

Day 2
Stress Management (2 hours)
Explore the impact of stress on our bodies, minds, and spirits.
Get strategies to manage stress in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence (2 hours)
Learn how to harness your EQ to reduce stress, enhance communication and improve job satisfaction.

Bonus Courses
Participants will also have access to FREE self-guided eLearning courses:
• Self-Care
• Introduction to Conflict Management

This training is FREE for new and experienced
Ontario tourism and hospitality workers and job seekers.
Virtual and in-person sessions start weekly.

For questions, contact us at

This Employment Ontario Program is funded in part by the
Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.




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