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Accelerated Leadership Training Series

OTEC’s Accelerated Leadership Training series is designed for tourism and hospitality sector managers and leaders seeking to improve their leadership skills, build their people skills, and advance their careers.

Featuring four unique leadership courses: Effective Communications, Thoughtful Leadership, Building Successful Teams, and Coaching for Results, this training focuses on developing the skills managers and leaders need to build, lead and grow with effective teams.


  • 45-minute self-directed and flexible eLearning module
  • 90-minute virtual coaching to help leaders apply new skills at work
  • Instruction by certified, experienced trainers
  • Certificate of completion

Read the Employer’s testimonial about OTEC’s Accelerated Leadership Training Series.

Read the Training participant’s testimonial about OTEC’s Accelerated Leadership Training Series.

This training was offered in partnership with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) and is funded by the Government of Canada. OTEC’s Accelerated Leadership Training aligns with Canada’s new Skills for Success Model and addresses evolving labour market needs.

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Skills For Success

Skills for Success (SFS) is Canada’s new skills model, launched in May 2021 to renew and modernize the long-standing Essential Skills framework. The model builds on the original Essential Skills framework’s core strengths while aligning it with modern labour market needs. It also responds to a growing interest in social-emotional skills across industry sectors.

OTEC developed the Accelerated Leadership Training Series through a project partnership with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC). The partnership aimed to bring the Skills for Success model to life through customized training aligned with the skills development priorities of the tourism and hospitality sector.

The project tested the practical application of the model with the tourism and hospitality sector and measured the social and emotional skills gain, learning transfer, and improvements in job performance as a result of the training.

The Accelerated Leadership Training Series was offered at no cost to Ontario tourism and hospitality businesses throughout the project. The project leveraged Tourism SkillsNet Ontario to build awareness and disseminate project resources and learnings.

Project Impact on our Sector:

  • 90 businesses supported

  • 200 + participants trained

Learn more about how the Skills for Success model was brought to life through customized training aligned with the Tourism and Hospitality sector’s skills development priorities.


Partner with us

At OTEC, we bring a sector-specific lens to the design and development of Skills for Success training and assessment tools. To learn more, click here. If you are an organization interested in adopting and testing innovative workforce development approaches to address emerging demands for socio-emotional skills development, please Contact us today!

In partnership with Funded by the Government of Canada  

“These are skills you
will use every day.
Anyone starting on a
leadership track in
their career can benefit
from this training.”

Accelerated Leadership
Training participant

“The small group
coaching allowed
me to ask very
specific questions.
I felt like a VIP!”

Accelerated Leadership
Training participant


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