Newcomer GPS: Exploring an Integrated Digital Pathway to Settlement

Newcomer GPS: Exploring an Integrated Digital Pathway to Settlement is an OTEC-led research project that will test the integrated technology solution CareerAtlas within Service Provider Organizations (SPO) pre-arrival and hybrid settlement services in Canada. Newcomer GPS will evaluate CareerAtlas’s ability to enhance the decision-making and integration outcomes for newcomer job seekers through:

  • Data analytics;
  • Assessments;
  • Career pathing;
  • Job matching;
  • The identification of opportunities for skills development;
  • Direct engagement with newcomers, leveraging data and intelligence at the system level.

The primary outcomes of Newcomer GPS are to:

  • Improve clients’ decision-making on settlement through access to destinations, increased employment opportunities, and increased awareness of individual skills.
  • Improve SPOs’ delivery capacity to support newcomers into the labor market.

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Project led by

The Newcomer GPS initiative is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Lead Partners

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For more information on the Newcomer GPS initiative please contact:

Grace Scire
Snr. Manager,

Christopher Espana
Project Manager


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