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Service Excellence Ontario  | Service Excellence Training by OTEC

Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) helps organizations and destinations develop their people, improve performance and achieve their goals for business success.

Our exceptional service excellence training, engaging front-line and management level training workshops, human resource tools and industry-specific emerit occupational certification are designed for tourism and hospitality, healthcare, retail, transportation, financial, law enforcement, education and a host of other service sectors. Available in both facilitator-led and e-learning formats, our team of consultants will help assess your organization's need and take your business to the next level.

Improve your business’ ability to attract, retain and develop high performers – let OTEC’s experts help to identify skill gaps, set goals and develop a customized training or standards program to achieve them.

Superior performance and productivity are only a click away – contact us for your service excellence or management training needs today!

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OTEC’s ‘New’ Service Excellence Dynamics eLearning course, developed with the most up-to-date service theories, best practices and tools, is a great program for those wishing to achieve excellence in the delivery of customer service in a self-study, flexible format. This dynamic and interactive, one hour eLearning course has been designed to help individuals acquire skills and knowledge necessary for creating memorable service experiences resulting in customer loyalty.

For more information contact Wendy Paradis, Vice President, Client Services at wparadis@otec.org or 416-622-1975 ext. 212.


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