NEW Food and Beverage Management International Standards and Certification

Providing Industry Professionals with International Certifications 

One consequence of globalization has been a shift in the global demand for labour. Around the world, individuals have become increasingly mobile. As a result, so has the importance of international standards. 
Food and Beverage Management is now an international field in high demand worldwide. With operations ranging from large, international hotel chains to small, family-run restaurants, the skills required to effectively manage food and beverage operations are universal. 
OTEC, the official supplier of emerit products in Ontario, is pleased to announce the launch of emerit’s new Food and Beverage Management International Standards and Certification for professionals. Developed by a global panel of industry professionals the program provides training on over 100 skills in 9 major management categories including; Engagement, Business Operations, Financial Resources, Human Resources, Physical Resources, Food and Beverage Preparation and Service Operations, Customer Service, and Compliance with Laws and Regulations. 
Upon completion of the certification, Food and Beverage Managers will join an elite network of professionals within their field and receive the designation, Certified International Foodservice Management (CIFM).
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